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Summer Squash Griddle Sandwich

 This has been a family favorite of ours for years, we know summer is in full swing when we start eating this.  It is a great way to eat a lot of squash (once those squash plants start producing there is no stopping them, well other than the arrival of the squash bugs)and so quick to make.  I usually make giant batches of this and freeze in one meal portions, it freezes so well and is lovely to enjoy a taste of summer whilst hauled up by the wood burning stove in January.

I gave a little twist to our traditional side dish when I cooked this on TV.  To be honest I had planned on just cooking the side dish right up until the last minute then woke up in the middle of the night before in a mad panic thinking it needed to be 'more' and I had the inspiration to make it into a sandwich and cook it on my lodge cast iron griddle...... Don't miss the link at the end of the blog to view the video of the TV cooking segment for this recipe.


1/2 cup diced onion

Splash of olive oil

Salt ( a good pinch)

1 cup of summer squash diced

1/4 cup chopped fresh mint

1/2 Tablespoon honey

Your choice of bread

1 Tablespoon butter


Heat the oil in a cast iron pan (or your favorite skillet) add onions and sale and sauté, if you are in a hurry just cook until they are soft and clear and increase the amount of honey you use.  If you have a little extra time cook the onions until caramelized.

Add the summer squash and cook for about 4 mins, until soft and add the mint and stir.  Allow to wilt for just a minute or two then drizzle with honey.

Butter your choice of bread and place one slice butter side down on griddle, top with squash mixture and place other slice on top, butter side up.  After a couple minutes and bread is browned flip over to cook the other side.

This recipe makes about one serving so scale up if you are making for more people (or if you are super hungry)


Here is the video link for when I cooked this on TV:

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