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Traditional English Scone with Strawberry Jam


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This recipe is one of the first things I ever learned to make, I must have been about 10 years old when I made this all by myself and remember that sense of accomplishment.  I also remember some years later, by this time baking scones was just second nature to me and could do it almost with my eyes closed.  However, on this one occasion one bite told me something was not right. I reviewed the recipe and thought everything was in order, then my Mam asked me how much salt I used, "just a pinch I said, but the sugar wasn't  in its usual container" I added. There lay the answer to the mystery, instead of sugar I had indeed used two tablespoons of salt! My parents tried to eat one just to appear grateful but they couldn't, so we threw them out for the birds, you guessed it.... the scones lay in the grass for a week untouched by the birds.  We live and learn!

This recipe makes about 6 scones so I will often double it up or triple it if we have guests. I wouldn't recommend freezing them, but once you see how easy they are to make you'll realize there's no need to freeze them.

Traditional English Scones


1 1/2 cup self raising flour

Pinch of salt

4 T unsalted butter

2 T sugar

1/2 cup raisons

1/2 cup Milk

1 egg


Pre-heat oven to 400

Stir salt into flour

Rub in butter (this is an English method of incorporating fat into flour, using finger tips push flour into butter and continue until the mixture resembles bread crumbs, a pastry cutter could also be used)

Stir in sugar and raisons

Wisk milk and egg together and mix into flour, reserve a small amount to brush the tops of the scones

Knead lightly onto a floured surface and press out into a flat 1" patty, use a 2.5" cutter to create scones

Arrange on a baking sheet and brush tops with egg wash, bake for 10-15mins until baked and brown

Serve warm with farmers market butter and homemade strawberry jam (recipe below)

Strawberry Jam with a surprise

I am using a Vitamix blender for this recipe, Vitamix have kindly sponsored me with this Vitamix Explorian E310 blender.  I can tell you it is a pretty neat machine and I have enjoyed playing with it so far, and look forward to share more recipes as I perfect them!

This jam is a raw jam and contains no pectin (I personally can't stand the after taste of pectin and would rather have more of a liquid consistency and skip the pectin) the chia seeds absorb some of the moisture which helps to set up the jam a little but it is still a spoonable jam not a slice and spread type. Due to the fantastic motor on the blender there is no need to cut or cook any of the ingredients first and therefore keep all the nutrients of the raw strawberries.  I also have a surprise ingredient (mint leaves), this gives such a fresh taste and will be so delicious on a summer afternoon (I'm considering taking up the habit of having afternoon tea, which to the surprise of many is not actually a thing in England).

This recipe makes about 1 1/2 cups, feel free to double up if you want extra to use the next day on toast or pancakes.


1 cup strawberries

1T water

1T honey

10 mint leaves

1T chia seeds


Place all the ingredients (except the chia seeds) in the blender and blast for about 20 seconds until blended 

Place in a mason jar and stir in the chia seeds, chill for at least an hour.






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