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Warm Spring Salad

Warm Spring Salad


During this time of year in Oklahoma its hard to know if its going to be a day to huddle up by the fire and eat comfort food or open the windows and prepare a good old salad.  This recipe is the best of both worlds,  a nice seasonal salad topped with hot out the pan asparagus and roasted beets.

Ingredients (serves 3-4)

1lb Beets

Splash of olive oil


fresh thyme

1lb asparagus

1T Butter

Your choices of seasonal salad greens

Green Onions

4 Radishes

1/2 cup pecans

Salad dressing

Begin by peeling beets and cutting in half, ...

Soap making

Soap making

One of the questions I am asked the most by customers at the farmers market is how long does it take to make soap.  The truth is it does take a while! I have implemented a few tricks over the last year that has cut my soap making process in half, non the less it takes about 5 hours to make a batch, and that is spread over three days.

Here are the stages of soap making;

Milk the goat (OK I know, too much details, right? but the truth is that every bar of soap begins with the care...

A path well travelled

A path well travelled

I took the cover photo to this blog last week during our crazy rainy week.  After having no measurable rain since October it RAINED.  It felt like our crazy spring rains had arrived early (February).  Our dirt is heavy clay and doesn't absorb rain very well.  For several days it rained off and on, and then the day this photo was taken it rained all day long, the ground couldn't take any more and we started to flood.  

I know this is not a fantastic picture but I like it because on the left you can see there is...

Rain, rain and more rain!

Rain, rain and more rain!

Life with goats is very entertaining to say the least.  I love to observe their quirky ways.  Each has their own personality, then there are things common to their breed. Lets talk about rain for example, goats do not like rain.  At the slightest sprinkle they sprint directly to the barn as though poison was being poured down from the heavens.  It is very comical to witness.  

Then there is the trauma that comes after the rain.....wet feet. Oh boy, they do not like to step in mud and will avoid it at all costs.  Now this is where personality comes into play because some of...

Blog Sweet Blogging!

Blog Sweet Blogging!

Hello and welcome to my Blog Sweet Blog.......