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About us

Hello and welcome to our website, we are so glad you stopped by.  Why don't you grab a coffee and stay a while?

My name is Nina Cason (try and imagine me saying that with a cute British accent), I was born in England and moved to Oklahoma in 2007 with my husband and our first daughter who had just turned one, slowly but surely I fell in love with the people here and the country life we are so fortunate to live.  I always say I am British by birth and Oklahoman by choice.

My husband Jeff, is from Ohio and I met him after he moved to England where he lived for 10 years. We have three children Sofia, Evie and our Mr Henry who are the joy of our lives.  We live on a couple acres just outside of town in Coweta, Oklahoma.  Coweta totally rocks, it is small enough to know people but big enough to be going places.  We live outside the city limits which gives us the freedom to embrace our hillbilly side and burn brush, keep livestock and keep appliances in the yard (should we wish).

When we moved to our property we decided to make the most of every square inch of land and we are certainly doing that and busting at the seams!!

We have a crazy goal to be as self sufficient as possible, providing most of our food from our property.  I say most because who can or wants to live without bananas, avocados and black pepper, all of which to my knowledge can not be grown in Oklahoma.

We raise goats (dairy & meat), chickens for meat and eggs, bees if we can ever persuade them to stay put and we also have a large garden which provides a lot of our fruit, salad and vegetables.

If it is possible to make something from scratch I have either tried it, or it is on my list to try.  About five years ago I started making my own bar soap, I had some failures, some acceptable batches and some fantastic specimens. In 2017 I started to make soap using our excess of goats' milk and made it pretty enough to sell.  This is where our story gets real interesting, I bravely started the farmers market season with 300 bars of soap, I figured if it didn't sell then everyone I know would get it for Christmas.  well, guess what......people loved it! 2000+bars of soap later I ended the market season with a great sense of accomplishment and an excitement for our soaping future.

I hope you have enjoyed visiting with me a while and getting to know our story a little.  Make sure and check out my blog and take a peak at our products too.  We always love to hear from our visitors and new friends so drop us a line or check us out on Facebook www.facebook.com/farmsweetfarmusa